Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

Today was the first day of summer. I has just reach a (rather warm for here) 94 degrees.
That's the hottest it's been all year so far. We had some wonderful rain here for a couple of days in row that cooled things off considerably, but the rain has stopped and there is not even a single wispy cloud in the bright blue sky.

My brothers left on Sunday to go work at a camp own in Georgia for a week. Yesterday, Liam texted mom to let her know that he thought he'd broken his foot and wanted to know how he could tell if it was indeed broken or just really badly sprained. Dad called down and was able to tell, from what Liam told him of the incident and about what his foot was looking like at the moment, that it was just a bad sprain. When we heard last, he was hopping around camp on crutches. If y'all could be praying that it would heal quickly and wouldn't impede him too much for too long.
Both of my brothers will be back before the week's out, and Flynn will head back down next Sunday or Monday, but Liam will be staying. At least we'll have one brother back! :)

18 days till I leave for WVA!!!!!!!!
So excited about it!!!!!!! Worked all winter and spring to raise the money and a few weeks ago paid in full with the satisfaction of knowing that every sent of the tuition was my own money. It so interesting how that simple knowledge can be so satisfying, isn't it?

Have a great first day of summer!