Monday, August 8, 2011

New Project

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom, CM and I were helping a family from our old church who were hosting a yard sale. As we were hauling boxes down from their attic, I noticed an old trunk sitting in the middle of the furniture that was for sale on the front lawn. Because I'm my fathers daughter, antiques and trunks are two of my favorite things. And when it looks like I've found those two things put together in one glorious conglomeration and fabulousness, I get pretty stoked. Mrs G---- wouldn't hear of me buying it though, and insisted on giving it to me.
When CM and I were carrying it to the car, we noticed this on the lid:

Since, unfortunately, you can't read it I'll just tell you what it says:
Estate of James S. Topham
Washington D.C.
November 15 1913
Specifications No. 1198
Washington D.C.

the top of the trunk
the front of the trunk
the handles here are broken.... not sure how to fix that, but "where there's a will there's a way"... most of the time :)
A different angle of the front :)
the tray here is removable
I couldn't really make out what this said...

Anyway... I'm super excited about this. We have several antique trunks upstairs that we use for storage, but I've never really had one that was mine. I'm wanting to make this looks extra-nice, and when it does, you guys should see pictures up here.

Hope you all are enjoying the remains of this lovely summer!

God Bless!