Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just a thought...

So, I got to thinking..... (that is a really scary way to start a blog post- especially coming from me :) I got to thinking about my blog. It has been completely neglected over the past year and I really had no thoughts of resurrecting it. My reasoning for it was sound -I thought- : If the people who read my blog are, more or less, the same people I see day to day (or if not day to day, at least I see them fairly frequently), then why write a blog? They all know what goes on in my life, and if they don't, then it's either not worth knowing or they probably shouldn't know it. But that's when I got to thinking. Is the reason I blog solely to communicate the milestones in my life to the wide wide world over the internet? Maybe that's why I had been blogging. But really, how many people are going to check up on my blog because they have an insatiable desire to know "the next thing Emma's been up to"? The answer that that is none. And believe me, I'm totally okay with that :) But that brings me to what I'm doing now: blogging :) Not because I figured that you were all so curious about my life and it was high time to fill you in, but instead, simply because I like to write. I believe that God gives all of us a love for something. I don't know what he's given you, but he gave me a love of writing. Ask anyone who knows me really well and they will tell you that's true. Rambling is my favorite (can you tell ;). There is something about simply putting words down on paper (or in this case, a screen) that makes me happy. And that is why I want to blog. Not just to tell the world about me, but just because it's writing and I do love to write. That doesn't mean I'll be putting up an post every week, or even necessarily every month, but it gives me a reason to write... and that is simply to write for the sake of loving it.  So you all should hear from me soon. It may be just to tell you what I've been up to this past year, or it may be just to chat; about anything and everything.

Till next time,