Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

I'm Back!!!!!!!!
Worldview Academy's phrase motto is that "This will be the best week of your life". I can honestly say that it definitely has been the best week of my life. The Speakers and their topics really stretched me in my walk with the Lord and how I looked at my worldview.
On Wednesday, we went out into the bus station in down town WS, and, armed with a sheet of "guideline questions" we went evangelizing. While I've certainly talked to unbelievers before, I'd never really talked to any one as lost as the people we approached in that hour at the buss stop. The goal of the conversation was supposed to be to open the persons eyes to the fact that, as sinners and imperfect humans, it is impossible to enter into an eternal life with God without the grace of Christ. But my heart really broke as I began to realize that the people we were talking to had no idea of the great sin within their heart, or maybe they did but were afraid to admit it.
One of the focuses of camp was to teach the principles of Christlike leadership:
1) Meekness-Power under control.
2) Integrity- The quality of being whole or undivided
3) Vision- Seeing God's presence, power and plan despite obstacles
4) Attitude- Responding like Christ
One of the pillars that struck me was the first one, meekness. What struck me was that when meekness practiced, it does not necessarily mean the forfeit leadership, or walking away from responsibility, it is simply keeping power under control, so that the power does not become overbearing or domineering.
I do hope to go back next year and glean more from this valuable experience.

It is nice to be home though. Although it is a weird change going from a fast paced lecture packed, and action packed week, to the slower paced summer vacation life of home.
If you all could pray that I would stick with what I've learned and that I wouldn't lose sight of the principles that were taught.
I would really encourage you all to at least look into Worldview as an option for your summer next year. It is an experience that will most likely change your life and and week that you'll never forget. I know that sounds like a sales gimmick, but as I'm not affiliated with WVA, I think I can do that :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful mid-summer week!

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