Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drivers Ed!!!

Hello Everybody!
I had my first day of Drivers Ed today. A good friend of mine is taking it with me, which makes it not as daunting as it might other wise be. My Sister dropped me off at the local high school (I couldn't have been more relieved when I realized she was going to walk in with me and find out where I was supposed to be!). There are about 30 kids in the class, although chances are high there will be a lot less by the end of the class. The teacher stated right after the role call that he was going to try to get the class as small as possible and that he had been told to kick out as many kids as he could. I've been told that home schoolers don't tend to get kicked out of class (although I know some people who have managed to break that record) but all the same... it makes you a little nervous :) I met a really sweet home school girl before class while we were waiting in the office for someone to show us the class room. Both she and her mom were really delightful and I am looking forward to getting to know her more over the course of the class.
Anyway... that's my little update on life.
Someone I know was asking me why I hardly ever posted on here... the answer is that my life isn't nearly interesting enough to post more frequently :) Actually, that's not entirely true. I suppose that if I wanted to, I could find something of interest in my life to inform you of... if I wanted to... :) Maybe I should try to post more often...


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  1. No... I think that the reason that you don't post as often is because you're busy LIVING the exciting live- instead of just writing about mildly exciting things. :)
    -The Little Bit Bigger Pumpkin

    P.S. I'm proud of you in this class- you're going to ACE it Little Pumpkin!!