Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drivers Ed = DONE!!!!!

Last Thursday was my last day of Drivers Education! We took our 200 question final and then were home free! I came out with a respectable grade and a new perspective of the High school. The enormous brick structure that has hitherto simply been a landmark for me ("you mean the ice cream place by the High school?) now has memories and faces attached to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be done and out, but at least now I can associate reminiscences of 'the days of Drivers Ed' and the people who shared that... well... unique experience with me :) After Mom took me to go get my grade on Friday afternoon (They didn't give it to us on Thursday after class, so we had to go back on Friday to pick up our grade at the school office), she took me driving in the empty parking lot at our local baseball stadium. I have driven the van that we affectionately refer to as "The Tank"(the name says a lot about it's smooth ride and how responsive the controls are :), but I'd never driven the new-ish van that we call "The Mommy-mobile". All the controls on it are quite a bit more responsive than "The Tank" :) I have to say that my Mother must have nerves of steel. After I had made a turn, i was really concerned that the steering wheel was upside down. I tried to correct that fact, but then "10-2" became "8-4", and I ended up on a median. And in the midst of trying to figure out the brake I about gave both of us whip-lash. But I rarely had to touch the gas; a fact that, I think, made both of us happy :) I came away from it with sweaty palms, cramps in my legs from being too tense and the prediction that I will like driving, but for now I'll just keep observing... at least for a little bit :)

I know I've said several times already that fall is here, but those were just false alarms... now it's really here! The leaves are changing on so many of the trees and it's cold enough (at least in the mornings) for sweaters and socks. Fall is definitely my favorite of the four seasons. Not that I don't like the others seasons, but I like fall in a different way. I guess before I try to explain why that is, I should think a little more about it :) Ever done that before? Where you start in on an attempt to explain something and end up finding yourself talking about something radically different from where you started? I do that too often. I get caught up in my pocket full of fifty-cent words and forget that the words in between that are supposed to be connecting,  aren't... connecting. Or even worse are the times when I'm going through the list of adverbs and adjectives that I love to use and scattering them in and around and normal everyday conversation, but when I glance at the face of my victim, I see a look of vacancy in their eyes that can only mean, "You've lost me". While part of me wants to be proud of the fact that I'm capable of losing someone by using an impressive list of words, the other part of  me is frustrated with myself that I tend to talk in a manner that is to some extent, incoherent to those who are not inside my head observing my thought process... which would be most people (if they are inside my head,  I think I should be concerned). Anyway, that is something I need to work on; slowing down and realizing that not everybody follows the rabbit trails inside my head.

I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful fall season!



  1. Congratulations on finishing Driver's Ed! The first month of driving I hated. There was so much going on at once my brain just about exploded. But now I almost like it. :)

  2. (sniggering) ... I like the part about you freaking out because the steering wheel was upside-down... very cute! Love you Little Pumpkin! So totally proud of you for getting the 2nd highest grade in your class! WHOOHOO!!
    ~The Little Bit Bigger Pumpkin

  3. I think a new post is a little overdue, dear! ;)I love reading your blog! Love you!

    1/3 Musketeer,

  4. @Southern Belle: I just obliged you :)