Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beginnings: A New Blog, and Spring

Recently, while watching my sister type away at a new blog post of hers, I became possessed with the idea to start my own. But I am somewhat OCD, so after that resolution, I was on a mission to find the "perfect" name for my little blog spot. Taking over a week was inevitable, but as my quest for "just the right name" stretched into a month long trial, I sent a list of possible names to my obliging sister, and had her pick one. I reconciled myself to her choice and realized that I kind of really liked it. But now that I have the "right" name, facing me is a dilemma: What exactly do I write now. Ah, the great mysteries of life. :) In the absence of a thrilling anecdote, I suppose I must content myself with simple a brief description of me. I'd like to think that that in itself would be thrilling... but I think other sources would disagree.
I am a homeschool student of uncertain age. Some say that I am 10 going on 30, while others would swear I am older than 16. I can, however add some clarity to that area and assure you that none of those is correct. I am neither, 10 nor 30, and a bit closer to 16. I've been living in the NC piedmont for most of my life and don't foresee a change in that. Being the youngest of four has it's ups and downs... I'm sure any other youngest child can attest to that.
Beyond that, nothing comes to mind that any of you would care to know. I'm sure you'll learn more about me as I get more comfortable rambling into a computer.

Spring is just about here. the daffodils are all blooming and the forsythia contributes it's brilliant yellow to Spring's growing palette of color. Spring and Fall are definitely my favorite times of year. In the South, Summer tends to get pretty humid, and that does odd things to my hair. But Spring and Fall: that when the magic really happens. The delicate beauty of spring is like the beginning of a favorite fairy tale. God's wonderful creation is just starting to peek out and bloom, while the air has a new electricity, as if everyone is holding their breath waiting, just waiting, for everything to burst into full color and surprise us, like every year, with it's magnificent beauty. Fall... well, we shouldn't speak of fall while the full wonder of Spring is here.
I hope you are enjoying your Spring!
Sincerely Yours,

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