Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is (officially) here!

Today was (as some of you know) the third day of spring!!!!!!
Exciting, for one, because well... it's spring, and not winter -although I love winter- but not exciting because, it being the third day of spring, I missed the offer of a free Italian Ice at Rita's, which was only valid on the first day of spring. Devastating, I know... but wipe your tears and we'll move on. The weather around here has been lovely, although, sad to say, there's been no rain :( But the sound of birds in the morning can be almost as good as the pattering of rain on the roof.
My older sister says that if all you have to talk about is the weather, than you don't really have anything to talk about. But that's not always true. I have things to talk about just not the urgent stuff.... I ramble (have you noticed?:) All the flowers were out today. After I came back from swim practice I was so happy (not exactly sure what it was about since I was in the middle of a theological debate with my brother... but then again that may have been why I was happy...) and seeing the flowers everywhere and our weeping cherry tree in full bloom just thrilled me.
Tonight Arielle and I went to the hardware store with Mom. It's so weird going with her since that's where Dad always takes us when we go on dates. Arielle and I were going to slip over to Rita's while mom was in the store, but she said she'd be lonely so we came in with her. We missed a trip to Rita's but Arielle promised we'd go later. Not sure when but later is enough to satisfy me :)
Well, I think I'm done rambling and it is pretty late.
Talk to ya'll later...

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  1. I don't say that!! Weather talk (especially in spring) is perfectly fine... it's like worship- talking about the way that God is blessing us with the rain or the sunshine- each in it's own season. Sometimes weather talk is small talk when you don't know the person well enough to venture into another topic. Yes, yes... weather talk is perfectly acceptable as a start to any conversation.

    ~The Little Bit Bigger Pumpkin