Saturday, April 2, 2011

My poor dear Sister...

Yesterday, my older sister over at An Armful of Roses, had all three of her wisdom teeth removed . My brothers and I came home from swim to a very unhappy camper sprawled out on the couch. Let me tell you, watching your big sister cry because her jaw is so painful, is not any fun. But when the pain meds. take effect, she's a ton of fun. She not very thrilled about looking like a chipmunk, but I have to say, I think she'll enjoy the pictures (yes.... we did take pictures) at a later date. Since she was confined to the couch all day yesterday and all last night, I had a very lonely evening up in our room by myself :( Dad has removed one of our walls, so there is a very large, very dark, and very capacious (sort of the same thing as large...) hole in our walls that opens up into our attic. I've always had a terribly irrational fear of our attic (you never know what will come out of it you know!), so now that our room opens up into it, I wasn't to thrilled to have to sleep right in front of the hole without my sister there. But once I was asleep, it wasn't that big of an issue.

On another note....
In a couple of weeks out pipe band has our very first competition of the year (the Loch Norman Highland Games). It's our very first time competing with all our new music and everything. Since it's the first one of the year, it's really the only one I get nervous about. Our band is fairly sure we'll place fine, but I'm still a bit nervous. If ya'll could just be praying that I would just be relaxed about everything and just play the best that I can, I'd really appreciate it!
Sadly, It'll be the first highland games I've played without Arielle as the Bass drummer (she pulled out so that she could focus more on her business). It'll also be the last one that Liam (oldest brother) will be playing until.. well... who-knows-when. That leaves just Flynn and I as the remnants of our family's presence in the band. Aside from this being the first and last of a few things, I'm still really excited about it. I really enjoy being in the band and absolutely love going to competitions. It's really neat how God has used this band in our family's life and (hopefully) used our family in the band.
Well, Arielle is up from her nap and so is my dad so I'll sign off here.
Enjoy this lovely weekend (despite the absence of rain :)


  1. I love you :) You are so interesting and funny! I really enjoyed reading! You should keep it up because I am following...actually that's not a very good reason on the scale of things. lol Very well written

  2. Ha ha! love you! See you in a few days!!