Sunday, April 17, 2011

Highland Games.

This weekend was the LNHG (Loch Norman Highland Games). Saturday was the actual competition day and if you've been watching the news you would know that the terrible weather that's been crossing the states hit us yesterday. The sky was almost black and the amount of rain that came down was unbelievable. The entire games area was muddy and there was a little creek running through our band area. Even after the rain stopped there was a tremendous wind that whipped everything around like crazy. Our shoes were cakes in mud by the time we had to compete. But the sky had cleared by that time and the rest of the day was lovely. Our competition run was really good. Of course we made a few mistakes but (much to our endless delight) we won!!!!!!! We were absolutely thrilled!!! Our band had been hired to play for the closing ceremonies on Sunday (today) so we stayed the night and were our bright and early this morning. There was not a cloud in the sky and the wind had died down to a refreshing breeze. We played for the parade of tartans (where all of the clans present walk around the track carrying their flag or other bits of paraphernalia unique to their clan) and then just hung around for the rest of the day shopping at the various vendor booths there. There was some nice things but, sadly, a large number of the vendors target the average tourist and just sell a lot of useless toys, cheap scottish flags, etc.
It was a pretty good weekend but immediately lost footing in my perception once I realized that I'd left my journal in the hotel room :','( I'm super sad about that but A- pointed out that its not as bad as leaving an almost-full journal, since I only started this one a few months ago. But still... shed more than a few tears once I realized that I'd left it there We called the hotel and they said that it wasn't in the room but it's not here either... so, while it might not be at the hotel its still lost... :(
But anyway.....
School is over for me until the fall... or most of it is at least. I finished all my subjects except math early!!!
Well, it's a lovely day and I've done my weekend update for y'all... so I guess I'll head off to see if I can get my sister to take me sumer clothes shopping which might end up being harder then it sounds but maybe I can bribe her with something... or blackmail, that's always an option! ;)
just kidding...


  1. Little Pumpkin,
    ha ha... blackmail? Now that IS hilarious. You're so funny. What on earth would you have to use against me? I don't really have any secrets. You could read my journal (btw- DON"T YOU DARE) and all you'd find are mostly prayers and frustration at myself. But then again you probably already know that just because not much is a secret 'round here anyway. :) Nice thought though... and.... Yes, I'll take you shopping. But you have to pay for it. All. of. it. Seriously. No begging.

    The little bit bigger (and richer) pumpkin

  2. Emma..
    really? done with school already? got to be kdding! ha, im so jealous! i dont get out until like june 10th. so i hope you have a great summer and lets g\hang this summer! loveyou :) <3

  3. not completely done... just done with most of my subjects...
    love you!