Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tuesday evening I babysat some lovely kids down the street.

The oldest is seven

The middle one is 4

and the baby is 1

I was initially a little daunted by the idea of babysitting 3 kids at once, it being may first official babysitting gig. (No, second. I babysat a little 4 year old several weeks ago with a friend... )
Tuesday I just was there for 1 and a half hours in order for me to get used to the kids and their routine. Tonight I will be there for 5 hours... through dinner and bed time and all.
As I said before, I've never really done much babysitting. My older sister usually gets preference because of her age, and the fact that she has a drivers license. But this time I got it. I'm super excited since I need some extra money since I'm raising money to go to WVA this summer and I don't have all my finds raised yet. But I'm on my way!
Back to the kids...
the seven-year-old is the sweetest thing ever. She reminds me of my sister at that age... I wasn't old enough to remember what she was like at that age... so I guess I should just say that she is like what I would think she'd be like at that age. Super eloquent, graceful, gorgeous, helpful, and just utterly fantastic.
The middle child is crazy. He is like what my oldest brother was like at that age... no... not that crazy... (my brother has gotten better.. much better, since then..) Wonderfully sweet and full of energy.
The one year old is ridiculously expressive. Since he is blonde he has virtually no eyebrows the little blonde streaks of eyebrows he does have are incredibly mobile. When I first came in, he arched one eyebrow in a look of mildly confused incredulity, as if wondering why I was feeding him his sweet potatoes instead of his mother.
To be honest... I'm nervous about tonight. I've never had three kids be completely my responsibility for 5 hours. If you all would pray for me, that would be fabulous.

Earlier today, I went with my sister to switch banks. She has been at the same bank for 16 years. All the tellers know her by name and she's friends with everybody who works there. She's changed to another bank because they have a higher interest rate, but she told me she feels like she's cheating on her old bank by changing.

Every Thursday for about a year, my sister and I have been baby sitting for a mothers bible study group at a local church. We are only two out of probably 40-50 childcare workers who do it with us. I've been watching the 18-24 moth olds and have had an absolute blast doing it. But alas, even the best things must end sometime. We have one more week of it after Easter break and then it's over for the summer. It'll pick back up again in the fall but I won't be continuing with it because I'm wanting to swim more often and this commitment on Thursday morning conflicts with swim practice.

We've started on my dress today!!! A- took out the train and replaced it with a double layered panel of cream sheer. We have the butterfly template printed out but have yet to begin to cut them all out. Any one want to come over and help? :)

Well... I need to go get ready to babysit. I leave in a few minutes...
Love y'all!

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  1. Little Pumpkin,
    So very proud of you with your first ever all-by-yourself babysitting job! You make me laugh about your description of the 7 year old. ha ha... I wasn't like that at that age-At 7 I was a tom-boy and helped J.B. down the street cut up earth worms... but thank you for thinking so highly of me! :)

    ~Little Bit Bigger Pumpkin