Monday, April 11, 2011

My lovely dress..

Here are some photos of my dress for the formal ceili (formal ceili; noun; formal social dance; no date required; mostly square - or circle- dances done... I think you get the picture) in late May
Arielle and I have some major alterations planned for it but here is the starter dress.
the back... sorry... it is kind of far out but you may be able to zoom...
more of the back... the train is coming off ('cause you can't dance with a train) to make fabric for the straps (yeah... I'm not wearing a strapless, y'all can take a deep breath now. :)
We are also hemming it to make it easier to dance in.

We are modeling it after this:

(at least the butterflys part...)
I'll post more pictures when we've done something more with it.. or when we've finished.
My sister just went to go get the fabric for the butterflies so we should be getting started soon!
I'm sooo excited!!!!

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  1. You all- in case you haven't guessed yet... "WE" is Emma and I. Looking forward to having HER cut out all of those butterflies... whew... :)

    ~Little Bit bigger pumpkin