Saturday, April 9, 2011


I had just completed a rather lengthy post, when I realized that one of my brothers had signed out of my email account, making it impossible for to post what I'd written from my blogger account. Soooo.... my very-long-post got deleted and I lost everything that I had written in it. Now I don't feel like blogging. After pouring all my literary genius (:P) into one fabulous post, I feel as though I've gone dry. Not really.... I think the deceased post seems better now that it's gone than it ever really was. Funny how that happens. I used to regularly lose pieces of clothing after I'd put it in the laundry (I still don't know where a lot of the stuff I lost years ago is...), and I'd be so upset over it's loss that I'd cry over "my favorite sweater" or "my favorite pair of jeans" (this was years ago... not recently :) even though it was something I rarely wore. Now, I'm sure that once things are gone, you become blind to whatever was wrong with it and only see it's good qualities.
"I've been painting pictures of Egypt,
leaving out what it lacked
the future seems so hard and I want to go back"
~Sarah Groves "Painting Pictures of Egypt"

So sad but true. When it got hard for the Israelites, they immediately began bemoaning their choice to leave Egypt. They no longer remembered the cruelty of the enslavement they were subject to, they only focused on the conditions of their surrounding and wished they could go back to Egypt. (Exodus 14:11-12)
We can easily point fingers at the Israelites, and think "Man, that was so ungrateful of them! God showed them His magnificent power in so many ways, but time after time they would turn around and throw it all in His face. How could they do that?" but so often we do the same thing, in far less imposing circumstances than they were in. They were wandering in the middle of nowhere, and, as far as they could see, no closer to the promised land that when they first started, and so they doubted God. But how often do we, in the face of the most insignificant issues, doubt the sovereignty of the God who created us?
So soon do we turn and say, "My life was so much easier when (fill in the blank)", that we have no business looking down out noses at the Israelites.

Well, I don't know how I got from raving about my deleted blog post to this... but there it is.
I think I'm done rambling now, so I'll leave you all to enjoy your Saturday!

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